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"Semper Fidelis sic timite Iram Dei!"

Welcome to GLADIUS, the Vatican´s (Holy See) most "Secret and Mysterious" Battlefield 3 Clan.

Named after the Roman Short sword Gladius, a name also used in the 60ies and 70ies by the CIA
for SpecOps in Italy, we intend to offer membership to highly rewarded players who have been showing
an extraordinary performance and leadership.

GLADIUS is regarded the elite training center as Membership in the GLADIUS Elite squad will require certain statistical levels for being accepted. GLADIUS members will be admitted and promoted to GLADIUS Elite Platoon when they are deemed to qualify and reach certain minimal statistical levels presently being K/D 2+ and/or Points/Min 800+

GLADIUS members will wear the Tag GLAD and use for communication ts3 / .

BF4 Metro 24/7 HARDCORE All Explosives Clan Server:

Have fun und play well (...but do not take it too seriously)

Strength and Honor!

P.S.: Cheaters are not welcome and will be banned
P.P.S.: Follow our BF3 vid uploads on GLADIUSCommunity

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