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As I'm sure you've notice SeRe has slowly been dissolving and I know this is partially my fault due to a lack of clear leadership when it comes to membership and I apologize for this! I should have taken the reigns a long time ago and made a firm stand when it comes to accepting players of all stats and backgrounds. Now I know this is not the only reason for our demise I also believe a lack of respect from some members in our leadership staff has helped encourage members to leave. All this to say I am officially pulling the plug on this, I've enjoyed playing with many of you guys but, its become clear that SeRe has gained a very bad reputation and our members are unhappy at the core root of any clan you at least need unity and active members, something we no longer have. So to those that are left I hope you find a new home where they welcome you with open arms and can provide you something we never could. Good bye guys its been fun while it lasted and I wish you the absolute best!

Sincerely SERE_ACEofSPADES [R.I.P]

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