Red Pills
Tag: [RPS] Fans: 24 Created: 2012-05-27

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M16 Filthyest Whore:Bibiboggs <3
Best Engineer:p0werp0le
Best Support:YouRDead111
Best Recon:Bibiboggs
Best Medal Owner: Hyadum <3
Best M320+Usas troll: SpirosRonto
Best Knife Assasin: fkcandyman
Best MAV Abuser: Sn00bDog
Best Handgun Master:ArneLoff
Best Hooah! Lover: YouSuuuck
Best MAV Rider: Absode <3
Best Advanced Tactics User: soloman86 <3

Change your tag to RPS or im gonna kill you with my M16A3 -bibiboggs

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