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Platoon Presentation

The first one is full,but no worries my Premium™ friends, were no short on Platoons

You know you love it, soldier ! 

- New Dogtags 
- Cutter-like epic new knife 
- Slicing through queues with it ! 
- X2 exp events EVERY MONTH 
- Exclusive Videos 
- Your very own stat reset machine 
- Exclusive Assignments to get those dogtags 
- 2 weeks early access to ALL new addons 
- Weapon Customization addons 
- Bonus Content Drops every 3 months 
- Premium™ Servers where peasants cant join 

Additional stuff : 

~ Free bans by butthurt admins :D 
~ Free hate from kiddos whose parents wont buy them Premium™ 
~ The ability to delete comments from others on your own profile 
~ A signature function 
~ The ability to save up to 5 battle reports to your profile 
~ Being able to join 10 Platoons instead of just 5 
~ A Premium™ only AUG / smoke glitch
~ Premium Champagne™ in our Premium Freezer™ 

>>> now go out there and show those peasants whos Premium™ <<< 

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Original Platoon :

Were full, but dont worry, you can still apply, soldier ! 

3rd Platoon :

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