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We are just launching and need members. We want to have a platoon that communicates, have fun, works together and loves BF3 over COD. We are looking for members over the rank of 20. We need players who will sacrifice anything for there team members. We need players who are good at least at one particular class so we can put the best quality squad. We need players who play as much as they can. We are mostly on the xbox 360 but we also need members who will represent us proudly on the PS3 and PC to get are name out there. We need all members to have premium. Are clan tag is CPM (Crimson Platoon Member) We are a platoon that communicates and works together and all get along. We need members to role with one another and not go lone wolf. You don't need to be a maxed out player or high ranked but just one with skills. If you have just ever played in your spare time by your self, prepare to change that by playing more and with a squad. Oh and by the way I live on the west coast and most member will speak english.

Straight to the point-
Must be level 20
Should get premium
Works well with team
not high level but some skill
will play when they get the chance
will take orders
invite friends of your to join too

Thank you and please consider joining the Crimson Platoon.


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