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Welcome to GBL - The General Battlefield League

This is the official League page for GBL. For Clans that want to:
-Train with other Platoons
-Set up Scrimmage matches
-Take part in Tournament
-Enter The General Battlefield League

Teams Taking part in League One this Season.
Battlefield Jedis
The Black Watch
The Kings Order
603 Company
Attendants of Ares


-) we have now 6 teams in GBL - that means each team has totally 10 matches to play (2 against each team)
-) a match is best out of 3 - that means 3 maps totally
-) both teams choose 1 map plus gamemode and agree on the 3 map
-) settings: normal - 100% - 8vs8 player
-) ranked game!!!
-) after the match the leader of the winning team has to inform xIxStyles about the match and also send a battle report - (thats why a ranked game is nessesary)


For more information please Register on our Official Website:

If you think your Platoon has what it takes to enter the GBL please fill out the application form on our website and management will be in contact with you.

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