Epic Team Derp!
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Platoon Presentation

As I have reached my friend limit on Battlelog I thought I would create a platoon for everyone who has teamed up with me & for those who want to join in.

Firstly I should note that this is NOT a 'troll' group mocking or glitching in the game in any such way, in fact, a lot of the people here (including myself) actually play competitively & spend copious hours solely on this alone. This is typically for those who have a laugh at screwing up, doing something really silly but not at the expense of the team.

We PTFO, win, & have fun in the process!!! By fun, this could mean, backfiring a grenade at yourself, thinking you're a medic & whipping out an RPG to revive someone instead or generally spawning & dying literally 2 seconds later. You know it has happened to you too! :D

Representing platoon by the 'Tag' is not required, you just need a mic, be willing to participate in derp moments worthy of their own YouTube video & most importantly enjoy the humour of it all.

Let's remind people that you can have the pro skills without being all 'Team Try Hard'. XD

See you on the field HERP DERPERS!



P.S. Member or fan, it's all the same.

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