Hatchet 2-1
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Welcome to Hatchet 2-1. As you may know we have a server please join if you want, if you want to find it it's called Hatchet 2-1 Ziba tower & Op. 925 24/7. If u want to join some scrims tell oscar-barney_.Try to get other people to join, if u get people in u gain leader status (unless u r a leader). Remember one thing KILL OR BE KILLED!
Treat other members nicely.
Thanks- oscar-barney_ (founder) :D
Thanks-LightestApple (Founder)
Hey i am LightestApple the new founder of Hatchet 2-1 my name is Aidan and i am recreating this platoon so please join its going to have the same Emblem to make it easy to find it but yea have fun and first 5 to join Hatchet 2-1 the new on will be granted Leader so hurry


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