The Old Breed
Tag: [OB] Fans: 62 Created: 2012-06-16

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Founded on June 15, 2012 (Formerly Global Gaming Nation)

Welcome to the clan. At the moment, we're looking for active members who are willing to play through teamwork and selflessness. All the info info you should need is below. If there's anything you can't find here, don't hesitate to ask any questions.

"“To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.”" - Charles de Montesquieu

About The Old Breed

Name of Platoon: The Old Breed
Callsign/Tag: [OB]
Founder: Darth-Noobie45
Console: PS3
Frequently played Gametypes: Conquest, Rush

1. Must have a mic and use it
2. K/D negotiable
3. 1.00+ W/L
4. 400+ SPM
5. Must wear clan tags and have this as primary
6. Age 17+

There is a 2 week evaluation period of new members to determine compatibility with the platoon. Play with a leader and add members to get acquainted with the platoon.

More about The Old Breed Community

The tB community is a platoon that is for laid back gamers. We are gamers that are looking for teamwork, skill, and overall, good sportsmanship. We're just looking for some good players to game with, and who can play the game and have fun too. That's all for us, I hope you'll apply, and I thank you in advance!

Here's a link if you want to apply:

Signed, Darth-Noobie45

Clan Servers:
(Currently expired)

Official Recruitment thread: ...


Best way to contact me (DarthNoobie45) is via PSN or leave me a message on my wall.

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