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Platoon Presentation

We play with NO HUD.

1. while on the game
2. press "~" tilde key
3. type "Ui" then press "tab" key
4. type "0" then press "enter" key
5. ------- NO HUD------
6. press "~" tilde key
7. press UP button
8. change "0" to "1" to enable HUD again.

once you master this keystroke.
you can join this platoon and let us play BF3 using COMMUNICATION ONLY.

we use TEAMSPEAK 3 as of the moment.
MUMBLE, SKYPE USERS and OTHER comm apps are welcome as well.

Enter your TEAMSPEAK address here:

Happy HARDCORE fragging! **

THIS IS YOU HUD (always check your altitude)

This Platoon is currently UPDATING:
Come back soon. thank you very much.

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