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Platoon Presentation

"Ask not what your tags can do for you, but what they can do for meeee!!!" is our slogan. We are the HUGS branch that specializes in embarrassment, creativity and REVENGE aka trolling.
Must be competitent in:
1) Repair tool/EOD Bot
2)Sneaky sneakiness
3) C4 vehicles...of ALL kinds
4) Defibrillator (i'll make you a leader if you can beat my defib numbers hehehe)
5) The ever-important ninja-stab
6) Derpery

But we are a group of players who love to play the objective no matter what game mode we be in, but we are also many who like to goof around and break a few rules, but to cleanly have some fun unless we get some serious is troll time muahahahaha lol

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