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Platoon Presentation

---------------------------------------------{The Golden Kalashnikov Army}-----------------------------------------------------

The Golden Kalashnikov Army is a new platoon on the Battlefield, but we are made up of experienced
players. As we are a new platoon we are looking for members. To see the requirements, scroll down.

-------------------------------------------------------{ Requirements }--------------------------------------------------------------

- Must have a mic
- Must have a K/D of 1.00 or just under
- Must have a S/PM of 300
- Must play as a team member
- Take a test run with either Swansesean96 or CountPushkin, to see how you play.
- Must be Rank 40 or higher.
- Must be able to speak basic English
- Add the Leaders on PSN.

--------------------------------------------------------{ Guide Lines }-----------------------------------------------------------------

- Wear the GKA tag when playing in our server's or if we are in a clan Battle.
- Founders will use the Russian Woodland Stripe camo, Navy Blue Digital on US
- Leaders will use Paratrooper camo.
- Members will use Ranger camo.
- We have a two strike rule, if we get two complaint's about a member and they are valid complaints (we will investigate all complaints). You will be kick from the clan. this rule will be enforced.

______________________________(Rules of Engagement)__________________________________

1.Do not get shot
2.Use short controlled bursts, i dont want you shooting the birds
3.Be proud of who you are and wear tags
4.Watch your bullet drop gravity does exist
5.Patch your wounds
6.Keep a full mag
7.If in doubt take cover
8.Keep the enemy suppressed
9.Follow orders
10.Beware of confined spaces
11.There is no such thing as a fair fight kill them anyway possible
------------------------------------------------------------{ Servers }-------------------------------------------------------------------

Practice sever - GKA Clan Server (Currently down for maintenance)

------------------------------------------------------------{ Notice }---------------------------------------------------------------------

- As soon as we get 12 members we will be starting match's, till then squad up and keep playing
- Follow us on twitter -{ https://twitter.com/GoldenKalashnov
- or Like us on Facebook -{ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Golden-Kalashnikov-army/310803435682180
- or send us a email at help.gka@gmail.com

-------------------------------------{ Congratulations you have just met the GKA }-------------------------------------------

______________________________"здоровье" (Nasdarovie)________________________________

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