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Welcome to FOX, We love to play rush and work as a team. We mostly only play Rush and TDM. We mainly play on the weekends. Most of the time we are on all.

------------------------ How To Get In---------------------------
To get in to FOX you dont have to do much. There is no trainning, KD is not a big deal. the only thing i look for is if you play with the team(PTFO). We ask for you not to leave the game because someone is useing an op gun. We ask that u dont be a jerk to everyone. Thats how u will get in toMachinegun Kids.

---------------------How To Become A Leader-----------------
Its going to be hard for you to become a leader. You will have to play with me a lot and show me that you are a goood leader. I need to see that u can lead a team. Tats about the only way you can become a leader.

---------------------How to get us in a clan battle--------------------------
TO get FOX in a clan battle its not going to be hard. But we do have some rules about it. If i pick map you pick game mode and if we pick game mode you pick map. We will always do 4v4 or 5v5 nothing more nothing less. All of your guys will have to have the same clan tag. That is the same as us. If one person does not have a clan tag then we can just look the guy up on battlelog and if he does not have one then he is ok to play with your clan. And i mean by if he does not have a battlelog by when i look him up his name does not come up. You just have to remember that we have never lost 49&0 all day every day.

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