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Tag: [P4F] Fans: 13 Created: 2012-08-11

Platoon Presentation

This is a new clan created in 8/12/2012 and we follow district rules and if they are broken you will get banned or a temporarily kick witch they are :::

1.Respect other clan members and leaders
2.respect others religion and your religion
3.respect other members country and dont abuse them
4.dont call others cheaters,noobs or hackers unless you know them well and they are your friends
5.dont cheat or hack and if there is 2 proofs given that you hack you will be permanently banned
6.if more than 6 clan members complained about you ,you will be temporarily kicked until they forgive you
7.respect higher ranks because they will lead you in squads
and finally dont say bad words and respect youself and other members or you will be kicked permanently

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