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Destruction Anarchy Respect Cookies/Conquer/Courage
We are the DARC CLAN BF3 BRANCH (THE ORIGINAL DARC CLAN) We are a brotherhood we are the outscasts we are a clan to be feared by many. Our clan is about honor, respect, unity, power, willing to win, have a good time with friends and clan members and sometimes goof off and mess around, thats what gaming is all about in our clan.
Our History:Established in 2008, The Founders of this clan and some clan members including me started in COD:Black Ops after awhile I decided to make the BF3 branch and bring back this amazing clan which I use to be of and now I want to make this clan one of the best and show other clans TO FEAR THE DARC and respect us as a high ranked clan one of the best clans out there in the Battlefield community, so that makes me the founder of this chapter (not the whole DARC CLAN)
Purpose: The purpose of this clan is to improve to become a good player, to have fun, to call this clan one of the best out there, to prove to the community of PSN our clan deserves to be feared and be respected, theres many purposes in this clan like having a good time, or if you want to battle clans then this clan will do it. Depends your role on this clan if you want a challenge just name it and it will happen, if you just want to play and have a nice conversation then this clan is for you THIS CLAN fills all purposes as long as this clan becomes elite and all players have pride for this clan.
Member Rules:
1. In a game be in the same side as members if not switch if you can't its ok just message members that you can't
2. Don't fight with fellow members or disrespect them (be mature about it)
3. Have a Mic so we can have a nice conversation :D so we wont get bored ;D (IF POSSIBLE)
4. Play as a team stay together thats the way to win (have each others back) its harder to kill 2 or more members together (key to victory)
5. In a clan match (if we have one) be there we need all good players there, play the objective DON'T GOOF OFF (if you cant make it to a clan match just tell us or message me ill understand)
6. Have fun and enjoy the good times :D
7. Finally Post in clan battlelog thats why we have one people to know whats going on
8. One last rule ALL MEMBERS MUST WEAR DARC TAG represent your clan and have pride thats how you show loyalty and respect to all members and me and even the original founders so please have respect for the clan and change it to DARC thats all i ask, i know theres rules but we cant let this clan and the members get out of control (which i dont think our members would), also if you dont like DARC CLAN or feel like its not for you, your welcome to leave nobody is forcing you to stay
Expectations For Recruitment:
1. Contact Me if your interested
2. Have a good K/D Ratio at least 1.00 wont take lower (have more kills than deaths)
3. Prove us that you deserve to be a member
4. Become a fan
5. Be mature
6. No squeakers lol (little kids) unless you have talent and you prove me wrong
7. Mic is required for communication
8. Finally its ok if you dont have premium we accepct anyone but you have to be at least 5 Colonel/Ranked to join, Expirience is Very Important!!!
Clan's Record: 4-0
WIN FLA TDM (3vs3)
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