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Welcome to B&E!

☞ Banned & Exposed is a Server Tracking platoon that focuses on "BAD" Server Owners/Renters!
B&E is a compilation of server experiences that have led to getting kicked from game, or BANNED from said Server!!

☞ Banned & Exposed is lead by CyberRec0n and Jordanb105. The set list in our discription is a reflection of our experiences and not a slander to the Server owner/Renter. We are not responsible for the following if actions are taken against Renters;


• Loss of stats, or stat wipes.

• Loss of players who frequent said Server.

☞ Banned & Exposed is here to make the BF3© community aware of unfair servers, our mission is simple! Play fair and have fun, but if banned for reasons that are clearly in violation to the ToS then expect your server on the list!

• Feel free to contact us and don't forget to fan us☻

{EDIT: Also reporting individual glitchers! Pic will be provided!}


☒ ACE Normal Kill Conquest: (SERVER OWNER) Stadivarius1: Reson for kick; Beating admins.

☒ CBS Server 24/7 Kharg, Caspian, Firestorm & Canals (Server Owner) ACE_OF_TRIPS Reason Banned:For using tank (Vid Coming Soon)

☒ MRCA (SERVER ADMIN) Synster. reason for Ban, using "his" chopper.

☒ 24/7 METRO 300% CopeSs-X-Viper
(Owner) CopeSs-X-BullPuP. Reason Banned: For killing admin in tank.


☒Server List/ Banned -The General of TN Unlimited Noshahr Premium -The General of TN 2 Unlimited Noshahr Premium Proof-


☒ [BoB] SERVER. (Server Owner) javimex1. Reson for kick: was owning too hard!



☒ [BoB] SERVER. (Server Owner) javimex1. Reason for complaint: switched us teams multiple times to gain access to M-COM at last ticket count! Proof of game:


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