Hellcat Death Squad
Tag: [HCDS] Fans: 18 Created: 2012-09-01

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Hellcat Death Squad is recruiting anyone who is a regular, casual/semi-serious gamer. We all play on Xbox Live and our average hours online are between 5pm and 5am General Mountain Time, USA. Your region or time online doesn't matter as we are a multinational platoon looking for people who are online often and want to do team-play.

This clan is comprised of real-life friends and like-minded gamers who enjoy having a competitively good time. Rank, play-style, and outside clan membership does not matter. In HCDS the only "rule" would be to support clan, squad, and general team members always! Be a team player and don't be a sore loser!!!! PTFO but have a good time doing it!

LiZaRdEnKi and many of us use Battelog on a nearly daily basis, so if you have ANY questions or comments hit us up! Battlelog is the best way to get ahold of most of us. Our usual membership Region is North America. We have our own server for public and private use. The server will run 30 days at a time. There are no plans to create a web page or YouTube channel.

A few things we would like to ask of you;
1. Play with platoon members when you can.
2. Be a team-minded gamer.
3. No matter what class you play as, always use team-help items such as Med Packs, Ammo Boxes, Repair Tools, and Tugs/MAVs... and of course play your best and play to win.
4. Hacking, glitching, team-killing, spawn-camping, and general douchebaggery is juvenile and will not be accepted by this clan. Period. We play smart, hard, and we play the fucking objective!
5. Have a working mic for good communication between players.

Current Server: Post 1/20/2013

Founder's gamertag; LiZaRdEnKi on Xbox Live & Battlelog

Leader's gamertags; ThelordTJ87 on Xbox Live & Battlelog -- RED NINJA 903 on Xbox Live/NINJApro903 on Battlelog -- infam0us nef on Xbox Live/1nfam0us_nef on Battlelog

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