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------------------------------------------------------Connection to Hell Competitive------------------------------------------------------


Welcome and thanks for visiting our FUN and Community Platoon!

We are founded in August 2012 by gandy-NMV, hero1092 and dynamic81!

We were a competitive Clan with Members from different European Countries but now we are inactiv and will try a Restart in BF4!

We participated in competitive Leagues and attached great importance to friendlyness, respect and teamplay!

Our requirements:

- nice and friendly
- teamplayer
- fairplay
- respect our members
- high activity in Battlefield
- Headset
- You have to be over 16 years old


- min. 750 ppm
- min. 2,5 k/d

recruitment status [off], we are only interessted in real specialists! (contact hero or dynamic)


Official Clan Server:
[ctH] Official Clan Server


Install Better Battlelog to see our Platoon Emblem!


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