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Welcome to The Royal Armored Corp Federation!
Armored Corp Trainee clan colors:Army Green
you dont have to wear them all the time but for clan meets and wars were clan colors sound good player
Events Coming up!!
PRACTICE/Clan Meet on Saturday October 27th (10pm - 12:00pm)
Clan Bash on Monday Oct. 29nd (7pm-9pm)

Clan bash is a celebration for the 1 month anniversary of R-AC-F. Its a big event that we will start doing once a month for our Elites, Soldiers, and Trainees. we have 72 members with in Royal Armored Corp Federation and I will be hosting the Big event in our server! the Maps will be 3 maps and 3 games. It will be best 2 out of 3 with 200% tickets and each team will have a mix of ACE, ACS, and ACT. My team is team 1 and Cruizer team is team 2. Members will be placed on a team, and teams will be posted up tomorrow. I am looking to move people up in rank so come with your War Face :D.

Clan war with TNBK, Natural Born Killas on the 21st of Oct at 5pm Eastern! if you would like to fight speak to Atomic.

Clan War with MCOM, MCOM Heroes/Seven on the 28th of Oct at 4pm Eastern!

Clan war with eF,Elite Force on the 4th of Nov at 4pm Eastern! if you would like to fight speak to Atomic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Benefits of being a Royal Armored Corp Trainee:
-Now that you are all Trainees you will learn the fundamentals of squad tactics, following orders, how to work as a team, and so much more!
- Those who move up to ACT-L will learn how to lead squads from the Elites!
- As you move up in rank with in the clan you will have alot more benefits and authority. Just remember with great power comes great responsibility.
All are welcomed regardless of stats, But all must start off as a AC-Trainee member and must go through training before being ranked up to Soldier. If one would like to reach Elite one must prove that he can hang with the big boys and show leadership.

1. Squad up with us and show your skills.
2. We are not looking for one man armies.
3. You must be a team player with the ability to communicate.
4. Be respectful to your fellow R-AC-F members no matter what the rank!
Time zones:

PST : noon (12pm)
MST : 1pm +1
CST : 2pm +2
EST : 3pm +3
GMT : 8pm + 8
AST : 11pm + 11
SYMBOLS for Primary and Secondary classes and Vehicle operators are listed below.
Class regiment symbols:
Assault: +
Support: $
Engineer: #
Recon: -:-

Vehicle operator symbol:
Tank: T
Jet: J
AA Driver: AA
IFV Driver: IFV
Helicopter: H

Primary- P
Secondary- S
permanent squads will be established soon.
ACT squad leaders are listed below.
1st Trainee squadron
ACT-L: Cilkin
ACT: Ginna_bhaynes
ACT: thewardkiddo
ACT: reddrive

2nd Trainee squadron
ACT-L: andrew_jorquez
ACT: Martinez
ACT: MeSogofy
ACT: Rhurst

3rd Trainee squadron
ACT-L: isthisforReal
ACT: Cowboyfan
ACT: ifaris
ACT: Manic890
ACT: oOMrDeadOo

Rank system: listed from lowest to highest
- ACT: Armored Corp Trainee.
- ACT Leader: Armored Corp Trainee Leader
- ACS: Armored Corp Soldier
- ACS Leader: Armored Corp Soldier Leader
- ACE: Armored Corp Elite
- ACE Leader/Founder: Armored Corp Elite Leader/Founder

Note: There will be limited spots for ACE-L, ACE, ACS-L, and ACT-L. There is a possibility you may get demoted due to a lack of play, treating members with disrespect, treating players outside of this clan with disrespect and not following orders. There is also a possibility for being promoted by showing good leader ship, follewing orders and treating players with respect!

Ranking up:
- ACT: in order to become a ACT you must try out in one of R-AC-F tryouts and have a 1.00 k/d and a spm of 300. if you have good skill, show leadership and play well with others then there is a great possibility to become a member.
- ACT-L: In order to become a Trainee leader you must have a mic , show that you are willing to learn and follow orders and have a 1.20 kd with a spm of 350. Also you must play with Higher ranked members during clan Meets and become a squad leader in games so we may determind that you are ready to move up based on your squad leader ship.
Clan Allies: [Ar51], Area 51 Freaks
[G4L], Gamer for life

Clan Enemies
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Clan Record for clan wars ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
R-AC-F wins = 1 loses= 0
R-AC-F vs BoB = WIN!
R-AC-F vs AGC = WIN!

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