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This Platoon is for New KoG recruits and KoG recruiters.

As a evaluation branch of KoG members initially joining will be placed in KoGr. From your arrival you will have a month to Excell, Adapt and find your place In KoG, KoGC or KoGe. No exceptions will be made regardless of Rank, SPM, KDR or anything else that makes you think your a stand out or doing KoG any favors. Through out your time in " The R" you will be instructed on Tactics, Battle Honor and how to be a "Team asset" not a individual. Any questions can and will be directed to the leaders or CHerb325.

KoGr recruits will wear KoGr tags...... Don't get caught with KoG, KoGC or KoGe tags

Step 1: Basic information and Founder interview (CHerb325.* It is on the recruit to contact CHerb325 to set this up*
• KoG Introduction, minimum requirements, expectations and vision statement.

Step 2: Instruction and try out/ game play

Step : Final eval and promotion- Leaders will get together and decide on a go/no-go vote.

* Though your try out is 30 calender days, if there is deficiencies found in you you can be removed within the minute you join. Everything is a evaluation*

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