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Just friends Fucking Shit Up -_-


There are a few rules upon joining this clan that must be stuck to:

- NO fucking spawn rape, we are skilled soldiers!!! There is no skill involved in sitting at the enemy spawn taking them out for 3/4 of the war, shit gets boring!!

- NO more than 4 WFSU soldiers on the same team unless there are more than 8 of us in a server.

- Respect.... Nothing more important than respecting your team mates, we arent pathetic little trolls we are mature players.

- PTFO......simple!!!


Invite only now... Friends of friends welcome! Bring them in and let's chill have a few games, a few beers, and a lot of laughs :D

INFANTRY......... 2.5+ K/D 600+ SPM if you have reset stats then you must have at least 10,000 kills

ARMOUR......... 3.0+ K/D if your a out an out armour player then this is more than reasonable requirement

AIR........ This will be judged mainly on kills in your choosen vehicles as I know many of the best pilots practice against each other so K/D's vary a lot.

Exception will be made for soldiers I think deserve a place even though stats don't back them up.

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