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Platoon Presentation

This platoon was created for the best players DarkMedix has to offer. This is the competitive side of the platoon. This is an invite only platoon and only Dark platoon members can be invited to join. There are rules that must be followed to ensure the development of the platoon they are....

1. Competitive players must be present for scrims.
2. If you cant play you must say so, so your roster spot can be filled.
3. Roster spots will be filled with best remaining players from the platoon.
4. Must be present for training sessions as much as possible.

Requirements for invite to Competitive Dark they go as follows......

1. 40 colonel or higher.
2. K/D 1.40 or higher.
3. SPM 550 or higher.
4. Has to be able to follow orders correctly.

To be a leader in Competitive Dark is and honor within our platoon. The Requirements to be a leader are very hard to achieve as they should be. Our goal is to be one of the best Infantry platoons out there so our leaders need to set the bar for everyone else. Requirements are as follows......

1. Colonel rank 100.
2. K/D 2.00 or better.
3. SPM 750 or better.
4. Must have been in the platoon for at least 4 weeks.
5. Be ranked within the top 5000 players in the world.

****************SCHEDULED SCRIMS:****************

Team: North American Elite
Day: TUE
Time: 9pm EST
Map: Metro, Bazaar
Size: 5v5

Team: War Machine
Day: Thursday
Time: 9 or 10pm est
Maps: Metro, Bazaar
Size: 5v5

Team: Purple Company
Day: Monday
Time: 9pm est
Maps: Metro, Bazaar
Size: 5v5

Team: USSR
Day: Friday
Time: 12 pm est
Maps: To be announed
Size: 12v12

***********************************************Scrim Teams*******************************************

5v5 Team:
1. llDarkZombiell
2. llDarkMedicll
3. Yamaha Raptor
4. Akula
5. Fierce Kratos

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