A$$holes By Nature
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A$$holes By Nature is a rising U.S East Coast BF3 clan which aims to be highly competitive and is looking for talented recruits to join the fight. The clan is currently in development so we ask all new members to be patient as the clan evolves; once enough members are on-board we will begin to setup scrims and internal matches.

The clan aims to recruit great like-minded players to compete against other clans and form a new community.

We expect our members to:

- Wear our clan tag with pride
- Use a mic
- Be a team player
- Play the objective
- Aim to win
- Not be apart of any other clan
- No Cheating or Glitching
- Respect other members


- SPM: 500
- K/D 1.5

(We may consider players with a slightly lower SPM as we are aware certain play styles may give an unfair representation of skill. Try-outs will be required)

Nobody wants to listen to screaming 12 year olds who blast music down mics or who are just a general nuisance so 17+ please. Outside of competitive matches there will be banter on the mics and we do not wish to listen to whiney children so we ask for mature members who can take a joke.

We are predominantly a conquest clan but also play rush and squad based games to mix things up.

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Air Division:

Armour Division:

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