Tactical Anarchy Order
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Platoon Presentation

<-------- do you still want to be a dodger?

* * * * * * * * TACTICAL ANARCHY ORDER (the real one) * * * * * * * *

We play only 12vs12 so write to xoxoxox if you want a clan battle, probably you won't because you're a dodger.

lame clans that are dodging us :

Hello kitty (5 months)
Dragons balls (17 months)
The smurfs (7 days)
mario bros (5 years)
Harry potter team (2 years)
power rangers - (16 months) zordon say they not ready lmao fking dodgers

lol at them dodgers.

my name is smot poker and im cool. Add me on psn and dont try to dodge me , psn: oxoxoxoxoxoxo. my life motto: "im awesome"

im so awesome that everyone is dodging me. If you not dodging me or TAo that means you are probably dead or you never existed.


if u want to join us u must have small balls and tiny p-e-n-i-s, they are needed to ragequit like a boss if someone is not dodging you

btw wr GOT MANY FAN BOYS!!! Do not try to say that isnt true, u are lieing!!


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