AnGeLz of DeAtH
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We are the bringers of death!

We are the cold, merciless and ruthless embodiment of death!

We have been sent down from the heavens to snatch the souls of all those who oppose us!

As we walk among the ashes of our victims, we instill fear in those remaining as they know their impending doom is near!

Our mission is not complete, until death engulfs all!

We are.... the AnGeLz of DeAtH!!!!!

Beast players WANTED:

*NOTE* Requirements for new AoD applicants to meet:

1) Minimum Rank = Colonel 80.
2) Minimum K/D Ratio = 2.00.
3) Must have a microphone & can speak English.
4) Highly skilled team players who always play the objective to win.
5) Must wear our clantag [AoD].
6) Only loyal & committed AoD need apply (NO CLAN HOPPERS).
7) All AoD must play together whenever on BF3 (NO AoD FIGHTS ALONE).
8) Any discrimination in any way, shape or form, especially directed towards other members is NOT TOLERATED!

This is a brotherhood! AnGeLz of DeAtH are responsible for establishing & maintaining order in the Universe! Therefore we require only the elite to be amidst our ranks! Only the strong & determined are considered/accepted to wage war alongside us!

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