Battle Bastards
Tag: [Tool] Fans: 6 Created: 2012-10-02

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This is the place for all dem guys out there who like to rock out with their cocks out... literally.

What does it mean to be a tool? I think we all know what it means to be a tool & not one to be used by others.

Tools, when on the fields of battle YOU MUST CRUSH YOUR NUTS ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT MOVES! what this means is you must t-bag all the things!

If by chance you come across one of Killa's fellow P.Y.T's don't be a major D, because they will come after you with frying pans or other deadly objects.

Got a pair of blimps and a kitty cave? if so, this isn't the place for you boo boo, nothing but meat heads here. Try searching for "Battle Bitches" in the platoon menu. =3

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