Forgotten Forces Unite
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Platoon Presentation

FFU emphasizes importance of teamwork, tactics and a proper revive
This is a competitive clan. Of course we still play for the fun of the game, we troll, we knife and we own!
About us :
-we are a small group of elite players about 30
-we love to laugh a lot , trolling , make new friends and support each other
-emphasize teamwork and tactics
Allies: DoTs & DrMD
Scrim Team:
Reqiurements :(will change soon)

Rank ( Not less then eagle 15 )
KD ratio ( not less than 1.20 )
SPM ( not less than 300 )
Skill ( not less than 500 )
Members rules :
#1: We accept all players who have skills at this list and who are active in this platoon ( 4 a week on battlelog ) ( 3 a week on psn )
#2: Fight like a Boss .
#3: Don't be a noob .
#4: Squad cooperate ( this makes the whole team win )
#5: Headset is important for rule #4 ( unnecessary )
#6: We are trying to make our platoon special and popular so please helps us and you we will be promoted.
#7: Remember it is a game after all ( so have fun and enjoy , trolling is allowed and don't insult players )
#8: Must wear tag FFU
#9: Respect all members

IF: you have any suggestions about the platoon or you need help don't hesitate to ask and your question will be answered properly - every member gets RESPECT and no less, so send it to me directly to any one of the leaders
Server we got or Friendly server:
#1: Air Maps |200%| RpG Clan ( Friendly )
#2:(PBS) (DrDm) Clan server %400 (practicing)
#3:batuhangum's %400 Server(not active yet)
Clan History:
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