Ruin Your Fukin' Game
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Ruin Your Fukin' Game

We fight anyone, anytime. That is the sole purpose of this group.
We do not worry about losses or wins. Stats are unimportant to us. We feel your attitude and aggressiveness just as important as your numbers and we invite any player that shares that opinion to talk with us about joining RYFG

We are not for everyone and we don’t intend to be. We have no goals other than a good game.

--> This is a group created with a singular vision: Kill,

-- Fight Hard, Fight Often !!
-- Everyone is fair game for us.
-- NO stupid rules or training
-- Do whatever u want, play whenever u want.....treat people how u want.....
-- Just 1 single rule, to be a Ruiner, u need to tag RYFG !!!

Facebook Group:

Friendly Skirmishes:

Qaa - RYFG ( 3-0 )
Allies vs UK ( 0-4 ) (Internal battle)

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