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Platoon Presentation

For applications: I will not accept anyone who I have not spoken to yet, and since my friends list is full you'll have to go through either the hatchlings platoon or contact me via mail:, or Skype: Jonn.Lundell, or Catch me ingame.

For Actors! This image should be your bible from now on![/IMG]

RTF File on the same document as that one ^

This is the meeting place and place of announcements for all machinima we produce, if there is anything in making a film we need help with, here's the place you'll want to look. That will mainly be statists, for scenes with more than a few people, but we might want help with some other stuff as well.

If it comes to some big machinima projects, I'll let you know when are where we're going to have a filming session here, and you need to tell me if you're available or not, either by typing here in the platoonfeed or messaging me directly. I will also post a feed with the latest videos I put on my channel here.

To join and participate in recordings you will need, I say again need, not required, to have:

TS3 or Skype
BF3 with premium (in many cases)
Patience and focus on what we're doing.
And most importantly you have to love machinima!

You should also have teamspeak 3, any serious recording will require teamspeak for coordination,

Teamspeak IP:

And videos will be uploaded here :

Ask me for password when time comes.

Platoon feed