Regional Clan League
Tag: [BL] Fans: 21 Created: 2012-10-16

Platoon Presentation

Platoon for upcoming 5vs5 Infantry Only Battlefield 3 Regional Clan League.

The idea is to form a strong league with teams from countries that have few teams. League format will be discussed once we see how many teams have applied. Our goal is to have at least 10 teams.

League will use ESL 5v5 Rules.

-------------------------------------------- Current teams -------------------------------------------

PiS - Pršuta i Sira (From Croatia) bl contact: GR1CUL4_Hrca
EX3D - eXXtreme3D (From Serbia) bl contact: Artisan_Angusoid
04B - Open For Business (From Bulgaria)
unR. - UnRated Gaming(From Greece) bl contact: unR_bLaCkz0r
xXx - Xtream CROTeam(From Croatia) bl contact: xyan1811
CHC - Cold Hands Cro(From Croatia) bl contact: LudaVjestica
MC - MadCroats (From Croatia) bl contact: ex_Co7

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