Short Bus Posse
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Platoon Presentation

We are a mixed group of close friends, each one of us with our own skills and strong points. Having a mixed group of skilled & dedicated people is what makes us work to be a strong platoon. Do not take our name lightly, as we aim to be the best. We joke around & like to have a good time, but are here for one reason, winning.

Leave no soldier behind & take no prisoners.

When a fellow platoon member needs help with a mission or achieving a assignment we are to make ourselves available and be willing to help. We make a vow to have each others backs & help each other out. We take pride in every single platoon member & put our all into it every game.

Save the drama for your momma.

We are not a troll platoon nor do we put up with drama. We don’t have many rules but the two we do you must obey by.

1.) You must have a headset & you must use it. Make sure it is charged and ready to go. This is important when trying to out smart the enemy and having a full advantage over them. We can not work together if we can not all be fully communicating.

2.) Be mature. We will not take a member who acts like their in high school. You are to respect your fellow platoon members and issues are to be brought to tapout0421, mullanjames, neongunner34, ShadowCast18, or XxKing_ToastxX. Any childish acts on your part will get you kicked, with out warning.
If you are applying make sure you add XxKing_ToastxX, neongunner34, tapout0421, ShadowCast18, and mullanjames.


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