The Sick Bastards
Tag: [TsB] Fans: 70 Created: 2012-10-21

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Welcome to The Sick Bastards !

If you got kicked its because we are starting a real clan, no more 'fun' clan
this is started on 19-01-2014

Please feel free to rejoin our clan
But there are requiments now;

1) Be active !

2) Microphone + teamspeak 3 is required !
We will give you the adress and password for our teamspeak channel.

3) Be a good teamplayer !

4) Be friendly and have respect.

5) While playing TDM camo : Spec ops black or
navy blue, and join diffrents squads with clan members only.

Thanks for reading,

Greetings The Sick Bastards staff.

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