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Axios is a word pulled from a Greek liturgical word which describes a worthy or deserving person. It means in modern language "I am worthy." Historically, it has been exclaimed by Roman generals and repeated during religious ceremonies as a word representing one's worthiness to be initiated, but also the traits that make that individual so worthy. By proclaiming "AXIOS," the individual is also professing his honor, integrity, and valor.

As the founder of Axios, I ask very little of the members. The number one rule required is to respect other players. I don't require monthly donations, a certain amount of activity. Axios members are expected to be mature players. In order to promote the community aspect of the clan, I ask that each member uses the Teamspeak. The information can be found below. I don't require members to participate in the clan's competitive side, but it is open to any who wish to.

For any other questions, please contact myself or another leader. New members will be required to complete an interview process on our comm server. I hope to see you around the battlefield.

ix3taylorswift, formerly known as NCO2012, axiosftw, or fdalkdfjksl

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