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Platoon Presentation

So heres a break down we are building our ranks for bf4. we have been a very competitive clan since the begin so we are taking time off from clan battles to build squads for BF4. we are on fraggednation so as soon as we get the hang of BF4 we will start battling. we are looking for competitive players. we need got jet and heli pilots. you will go through a small boot camp so to speck we will put you with the com guys to see how you use ur mic and then on to the infantry guys to see how you move around the map and if you use any kind of tactics. then from there you go to vehicles. and then we will give you the final decision. try to have it done in a week. so all new recruits should have the following clan tag ShGr till the end of training. we play core and hardcore. will also be on ps3 and ps4 for Bf4.

1. Must be a team player
2. Must have a mic
3. Must be willing to give contact info so you can be reached for clan battles.
4. All member must sign up on clan website and be active on it.
5. This clan runs its server and website on donations so if you are able, any amount helps; contact coheath07 if you want to donate.
6. You need to be an active player if you play once a week or less this is not the clan for you. (Exceptions are understandable)
7. To compete in FN organized matches, you must sign up for a account and join our competitive team on FN. (These are FN rules)
8. keep a Positive K/D in clan battles
9. Needs to be able to follow orders
10. Must obey squad leaders
You will be in a set squad with set player so that you can learn from each other and how to play together as a squad. if you do not follow these rules and requirement you will be removed and place back into ShGe.
11. must be 18 or older!

battlelog for ShGe [] (If your not looking to clan battle and want to play with an awesome group of guys then you can join here)

Battlelog for ShGc [] (for those looking to be a bit more competitive we battle on fraggednation and through battle log matchs are usually friday saturday or sunday est time between 4pm and 10pm we just started this platoon so that we can start putting people in squads together so they can get better at working together)

we have 1 servers as well [] []

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