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MOBILE site and app: http://hardcoreunitedleague.mpresence.net/

FORUM site and app: http://Hul.yuku.com/

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Welcome to Hardcore United this is a league comprised only of hardcore teams! This league gives the opportunity to expand their platoons horizon with game modes such as conquest,rush,squad rush, and and conquest domination for competitive play!
Their is a set of rules made by the people posted on what teams will follow(Rules 1-11) Records for the various ladders will be recorded in the description of the page and will change constantly as teams gain victories and defeats, they will not be reset over the course of time.
We will also have tournaments and fun competitions that teams will be able to take apart of every few weeks and these will be posted regularly on the platoon feed.
This league will not tolerate poor sportsmanship or behavior and if it happens the platoon will establish a vote/kick system comprised by the council.


If you are interested in joining Hardcore United, please take the time to check out our official website. There you can fill out the "Want to Join?" form and I will send you and invite into the League and list the game modes that your team is interested in! Thank you!
2.--ZoTiC Gaming--
6.--Guns for Hire--
8.--Death Dragoons--
10.--28th Cavalry--
11.--State of Emergency--
12.--Scottish National Team--
14.--T1ER 1--
17.--Army of Destruction--
18.--Soldiers of Battlefield--
19. --W.I.S.E.--
21.--S.W.A.T. TAC--
23.--22nd MEU--
24.--Stone Faced Trolls
27.--Damage Incorporated(iNc)--
29.--Team Exploit--
30.--Team BRO--
31.--Death Squad Elite--
32.--Most Feared Players--
33.--Team New Era--
37.-- Anglian Defence Regiment
38.--Digital Executioners
39.--TRU Team--


--Diamond Division--
Division with experienced, serious, and challenging teams. You will find the most talented teams here in HUL. The most prestigious Division in Hardcore United.

--Gold Division--
Division with casual gamers, teams new to competitive gaming, and looking for a casual atmosphere.

--Both Gold and Diamond Divisions have a regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl.

---------AoD Gold Division Champions Season 1---------
Charity of Choice-- Wounded Warrior Project


1. Teams will play 100% legit clan members and NO fill ins. If a clan is not sure of turnout by their own members they must state in the battle agreement that they will use a fill in if needed.

2. Vote/kick system

3.Battle agreements MUST be made 24 hours prior to match and confirmed by both sides in order for a match to be legitimate. If not, the match will be void.

4.Each clan will be represented by 1 member in the council and in meetings.

5. The amount of organizers for a clan to reach out and get battles on Hardcore United for their team is limitless, and is decided on their teams representative.

6. The only playoff rounds for Gold and Silver will be on game modes of Rush and Conquest only.

7.Every team must play each other at some point in the regular season.

8. You can have up too 2 regular season matches every weekend. You can have as many scrims as you want in the weekdays and weekends if you have played your regular season games.

9. Each team will conform to either 100 or 200% tickets for a regular season game, nothing higher.

10. Battle agreements must state ticket count, maps, minimap on or off, date and time, how many game its out of(ex. best 2 out of 3), and if you are using your clan roster or if a fill in is needed ATLEAST 24 hours prior to match.

11. Scrimmages will be held on Mondays-Fridays for platoons.Matches can be done on WEEKDAYS.

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