Ace Squad
Tag: [Ace] Fans: 16 Created: 2012-12-04

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This clan consists of players that are more than likely found in the ace squad while playing BF3. There are try outs to get in, players must be able to understand directions and play with tact. Message me on Xbox if you are interested in joining (gt: Snowdog ace2112)

Jet Pilots:
Junglist Fiend ='(
Iskusmarines (Ace xUSMarinesx)
Snowdog_ace2112 (Snowdog ace2112)
Xanadu1001_2112 (Xanadu1001 2112)
ChaChaCharms (ChaChaCharms)

kankikr2 (kankikr)
mwain91 (Angry Telemachus)
metalhead1364 (Dr Endspree)
Junglist Fiend =(



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