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Platoon Presentation

This is a platoon for people with real life skills. It can be anything from public speaking skills to web design and graphic artists. The reason I am doing this is because my particular skill happens to be business. I know the importance networking can have on many different projects we take on.

So if you have a Real Life skill that you want to share, please apply and leave a comment of what your skill when accepted. It will all be gathered and transferred into the platoon presentation!

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As more people join the list will become more grouped and organized.

Fractors- Extreme Sports.
UnReaL__Jay - Competitive eSports Athelete.
Villain- Artist/Philosopher.
II-TankRuner-II- Exercising (Can give tips).
jason21098- Athletic: Specialty in Basketball and Football.
SGT_SMUG- Photoshop, Salsa and other activities.
cF_Birdman941- set up and coordinate events.
HelmXG- Singer.
Hall0w1- Basketball and drum player.
P-HURTS- Graphic Design / Computer Guru / Entrepreneur.
TGjboi8u- Videographer/Editor & Youtube partner for 3 channels.
Q-_Night-Mare_-Q- amateur skateboarder for existing and upcoming companies.
FxckTehSystem- Blogger (ask link for Tumblr)/ Philosopher.
xOneRoundFish- Professional Junior Forest Fire Lookout trainer in Lake District.
lIVeNDeTTAIl- Knows several workout plans and gives nutrition advice.
Someguykilling- Professional Marijuana Cultivator and Product Provider for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
Take_Care27- Anything to do with warehouses or transporting.
limpoman97- Motocross star, and football athlete.
iUseLeverage - Talented in golf, and football athlete.
DirtE_DroN - Motocross star.
xSean_Connery - Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Astrophysics.
jaketoby465 - Likes to draw and do other arts.
**Don't forget to post what you are good at! If you don't we may have to make room for others.**

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