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Platoon Presentation

SSG is a clan that represents brotherhood. Where we all get along. Although SSG is a fairly new clan, we plan on expanding in the months and possibly years to come with every future Battlefield game. From casual gaming in random pubs to competitive clan matches, SSG could possibly be the family you're looking for. SSG will continue to be a clan that focuses on fun casually but also achieving success in the competitive scene.

We have "SSG Pub Hangouts" every weekend where we allow you to play with us. You are to play how you normally do. Show us you're skill. We want to see it. We wont give you any orders on how to play , just play and be good at what you do. We have a circle of leaders that will overall rate your performance in attitude, personal leadership, compatibly, and versatility. at the end of our pub hang out, if you decide that you like SSG and we like you, then you will become an SSG member.

We play Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 4 on the PS3. (Battlefield: Hardline in 2015)

Now that the formalities are out of the way, this is what we're looking for:
-Players that are cool and easy to get along with.
-You must be 17 + years to join and mature. (exceptions can be made)

In game stat requirements: We're not too harsh with the requirements but we need people who can hold they're own.

-Kill/Death Ratio 1.00+ (exceptions can be made)
-As long as you're an aggressive player and capturing flags in game, SPM is not a big deal.

These are just some basic requirements but we rate your performance on the Battlefield.
Important: You must have a MIC and be active on Battlelog, and wear your platoon tags with pride

So if you want to be a part of the SSG brotherhood, message the founder and apply :).

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