Great British Lions
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Written by Founder Sir BIG-GUNS-HAZA Tank Commander of the GBL Tank Squadron

The Great British Lions are a compact strike force that use many in game fighting tactics to win the day. Recruited from the width and length of the British empire its soldiers are some of the most diverse players the kingdom has to offer. From my personal experiences fighting on the front line among my battle brothers you do not want to be flying a helicopter around when the GBL are fighting in tanks.

Although we lack in numbers and rank we make up for with our integrated combat system and individual skills. We are glad to say that most of our members are now part of the clan officially except for I_Iz_JAG and Boudler93. However we are working on a way to get them on, and they will soon wear the [GBL] on top of there name.
If you are from the UK or any of the listed commonwealth country's, please feel free to drop us your PS3 online ID name and we can have a few games and see if you have got what it takes to be a Lion. Send a request to join the clan, we insist! If you do join you will be ordered switch your camo to para trooper camo, this is mandatory for every Lion.
Also attention for former Lions. The biggest nights for us are always Fridays if you want to get in the thick of it Friday is your night. Other notice we can still track each others progress on battlelog for Battlefiled 4 but when the next playstation comes out we will need to regroup. So don't just buy a PS4 and game on your own send me and other Lions your online ID and we can kick ass on the next platform as well. Don't forget we are recording game play and putting it on the clans youtube channel, the official opening of this is an, up coming event and you will all be informed. Much thanks Jag hopefully he will get it sorted soon and his clan tag along with it.
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