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Platoon Presentation

If You Love Using The Xbow Or Are Good With It Then Come And Join Us!
1. Have 1 Service Star With The Xbow!!
2.You Need To Be Colonel 5 Or Higher To Join!
3. Have The Xbow Unlocked!!
4.Use The Weapon Quite Often!
5.Don Not Offend Clan Members
6.Be The Age 12 Or Over!!(Rule Applys From 12th Jan 2013)
7.Don't Be A Noob With This Weapon!
8.Have At Least 4 Or More Service Stars with either:Assault, Engineer, Support or Recon!
9.Unlock At Least 1 Extra Optics With The Xbow!
10.Have Fun Using The Xbow, And Enjoy Being In This Platoon!
---------------Currently Under Construction----------------

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