Fight plaza
Tag: [Fp] Fans: 18 Created: 2013-01-10

Platoon Presentation

We are a mature platoon (sometimes), looking for mature players (Of any age) who can have a laugh and PTFO together. Above all HAVING FUN is our first priority! No mandatory meetings, websites, or forums to follow (this is a video game & we ALL have real lives)

To join:

* Send a request and fan the Platoon

Members must:

* Add as many platoon members as possible to help get games going
* Use the Fp tag at all times
* Owning a mic is not a requirement, but highly recommended.
* Must work as a team and PTFO!
* We dont need anymore camping snipers, we already have one Granty_NUFC
* Respect all other platoon members apart from Raghnar666
* No cheating, hacking, glitching or stats boosting
* No Racism (Or any other 'ism)
* Your stats mean nothing to us
* Favorite the Platoon server (search fight plaza clanServer)
* Have the Fight plaza logo tattooed on your right shoulder....lmfao, just kidding!

Platoon server:

If you have a map or map rotation, including game mode that you would like to see added to our server just leave a message on the platoon wall and we will look into changing it for you.
Also if there is a map on the server rotation that you are not keen on, leave a message and if that map gets enough Hooah's it will be removed (leaders discretion).
Please remember to favorite our server.

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