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Welcome to The Liver Killer Crew. . We are not above base camping and server rules don't mean much to us. Those are their rules..not ours. We have no "code of conduct". Our only rule is try to win and PTFO. Too easy. We get banned and kicked from servers on a weekly basis and wear it as a badge of honor. We rag on each other so thick skin is a must. You want to make pearls there are plenty of platoons with sand for your girly parts, this isn't one.

Rules are try to win and PTFO... Remember their rules aren't ours.

We have no true leaders. Leaders are admins on our server. Those who stick around without getting butt hurt will share that privilege.

We like to have fun and share a collective disdain for losing. If you feel we aren't what you are looking for feel free to aren't the first and won't be the last.

It's a lot of work to set one up, so we might do one or we may not.

If you have issues/suggestions with the server contact an admin:

One-K-Proof: MIA- Last seen heading to Switzerland to see his boyfriends. Also uses no lube so be prepared.
Haney42: MIA- Last report he got ahold of some deer antler pills. Been in rut ever since.
Navila06: MIA- Somewhere trying to give his fish a reach around.
Shannonj1s32: ACTIVE- Recently received battlefield promotion to C4 Master.
Cowboyup15 :ACTIVE- Moving up the chain right quick and in a hurry.
RockyRacoon8: Active- now enjoys the Alabama hot pocket a little too much.
Sc00-ter-82: Active- The LKC fluffer.
Majorlay775- Is this party over? Only when you come around.
Azianjew- cuts himself till he is in the top tank spot in LKC.

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