The Scope Dogs
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Platoon Presentation

Operation Silent Scope (Under Construction)

Welcome to Operation Silent Scope(OSS),1st Tactical Response Unit: The Scope Dogs,

Founded February 8th 2013. OSS Mission Statement: to operate as an elite military tactical response unit, providing operational sniper support and combat intelligence on the digital battlefield.

With Global Digital Conflicts intensifying and spreading from The Gulf of Oman to Eastern seaboard of the United States of America. (rough draft) demand has seen the need for a special operations platoon, capable of operating outside normal gaming parameters.

rough draft, pc delay typing problmz + my poor spelling

Entry requirements; positive KDR minimum headshot 400m, a desire to be Chris Kyle (the devil) bob lee swagger, vacili zeitzev or equivalent

PLATOON RECRUITING; requires natural born hunters to build formidable sniper platoon, desgin plays, improve tactics and combat effectiveness of group and individuals innit.

The Pack:

MDKHUNTER: 1424m Top Dog
pawthecat25: 897.78m Lone Wolf
Sykes_93: 834m Lone Wolf

1x4 man squads per game, mainly recon kits, please use all available kit. spot enemies, specialisations balance, 1mile 922m(tbc) grants lone wolf status or sumting cool sounding, 750m(tbc) headshot grants a squad leader position, and ability to choose 3 preferred squad members (providing they meet operational requirements), all players can play together in any squad but each will belong to a squad with a call sign.
(member status 400-700m hdshot: pack member. 700-1000m: lone wolf(?). 1000-1500m hdshot:(?). Longest hdshot: top dog (#1).
Aim king, member with highest accuracy: (?)
Intel, member with highest mav/tugs/soflam stats

Members are encouraged to suggest anything and everything ,battle plans will be compiled later for certain maps/scenarios. complete soflam coverage etc, 2 teams, 1x2 long range with big call (eg.JNG)while 1x2 in close with semi autos(eg. sks, silenced, red dot, foregrip) and tugs. Squad positioning patterns, eg, each sniper has good coverage of kill zone + can cover watchover and protect person in second position, who in turn does same for man in 3rd and so on,

OSS recomended weapons and kits.
JNG: bipod x12, M98B: bipod x12 (long range)
L96: Foregrip x8 (medium range)
SKS Foregrip Silencer (short range)

You dont have to play the objective in this platoon, and camping is encouraged ;P

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