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Platoon Presentation

Team Syndicate is Inactive untill futher notice.

★Team Syndicate™ ★Veni Vidi Vici★
Team Syndicate is currently recruiting active Infantry and tank drivers. If you think you have what it takes contact: SYN_MadPanda.

This is a platoon for Conquest players who feel they have reached the peak in their abilities. We will also try our best to bring the best out of players who feel they can bring their skills to the next step. This platoon will be competitive, meaning we will need active players playing at least twice a week. Team Syndicate™ will be taking offers from other teams for scrims and practice games. To arrange matches, contact:
SYN_Panda T5+
SYN_Panda, Vasc0o. T8 +

Team Manager:
-SYN Zeus

★Infantry Division:
-Panda Grenada .(T5+)(5v5 Leader).
-H0lyzzz .(T5+)
-Mr Zen x .(T5+)
-iiKen (T5+)
-Shixe .(T5+)(Cpt.)
-Vasc0o. (T5+) (Cpt)
-Aintdreamz .(T8+)
-NoobShadow .(T8+).
-LS Incredible .(T8+)
-Pompelrompe .(T8+)
-THA CrimsonCin. (T8+)

★Armor Division:
-SYN Snowman (Cpt) .(T8+)
-H3WD4WG .(T8+)
-SYN Unique Styles .(T8+) (Infantry Division)
-Trydi. (T8+)
-Panda. (T8+)
-Zyxxan (T8+)
-Noobshadow. (T8+)

★Air Division:

-ZeiZeiii .(T8+)
-Luke the Lucky .(T8+)
-OrnateStraka .(T8+)
-TradingRapier1 .(T8+)
-RuAiRi. (T8+)

1. Official Team Syndicate Server - Scrim Server.
2. Official Team Syndicate Server - 200% Big Maps.

★Live Streams:

★Youtube Channels:

★Team Syndicate™ Will not be taking scrim offers from NA teams unless necessary.
★All Artwork done by Knumzzy★
★Scrims: (UK Time - GMT)
**(Practice Every Friday/Saturday 6pm v SDCB/FsD)**
LoG 5v5 Wenesday 8:00pm GMT.

If anyone of us posts a message about who can play a 5v5, 6v6, 8v8, 10v10, 12v12. Please comment AND Hooah it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just say an easy 'Yes' or 'no'. Because we had some issues with setting up teams and we want everyone to get this organised. This helps the leaders setting up scrims, setting up teams, setting up players. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

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