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--------------Global 2v2 jet Heroes!!!----------------------

----------------------The Teams------------------------------

1. jonhickey1 - Joshhickey01----------------------0/0
( Evi1 wings - mancman08)

2. zHARDSTY1Nz - RIDERHERMES-----------0/0
( CENO8ITES - riderhermes )

3. iRuAiRi - TradingRapier1------------------------0/0
( iRuAiRi - TradingRapier1)

4. styX_EquinoX - styX_RykozaX-----------------0/0
( styX Equin0X- RykozaX)

5. ProTampons - Dynamic Crank------------------4/0
( Dynamic boink - Dynamic Crank)

6. AV Biggums - AV Korrupted---------------------0/1
( AV Biggums - AV Korrupted)

7. teeweeweasle - wjg25213-----------------------1/1
( TOxIC K OS - eSpIoNaGe09)

8. FAE_Cristian - WipeRLopx-----------------------1/0
(cristianmarc007 - WipeRLopx)

9. BallisticBert - TheChocoDragonz----------------0/2
( BallisticBert96 - BAF xDrAgOnZz)

10. Obtik - iFICTI0N------------------------------------0/0
(I Mentu I - iFICTI0N)

11. brxtactics - MoparMatthew----------------------1/0
( xBRx xTACTICSx - MoparMatthew)

12. InFamouS_Ankou - InFamouS_Said---------0/0
( InFamouS Ankou - InFamouS Said)















# xG_Beamz - SYN_Ornate-----------------------0/0
( WarlocK VIII - OrnateStraka)

# hOlyzzz - Z-PedroFJ--------------------------------0/0
( hOlyzz - PedroFJ)

# styX Perils - styX_Ancient--------------------------0/0
( styX Perils - styX Ancient)

# CGTx_DaZe8 - Waulkrie---------------------------0/0
( CGTx DaZe8 - Waulkrie)

# AfricanUnicorns - flyinpuma-----------------------0/0
( AfricanUnicorns - flyinpuma)

# n7bb - Trojan Denger-------------------------------0/0
( nibbles - Trojan Denger)


1. You can only challenge the team above you.

2. 5 rounds are played on both sides, defending team can pick the jets to start with.

3. If its a ty after 10 rounds 3 rounds more will be played on both sides ( makes 6 rounds).
Team with most rounds won wins the match.

4. Only the main gun can be used, the rest of the settings are up to the pilots. ( ECM, air radar etc...)

5. Pilots have to fly towards each other and fire to show they are ready. You will fly in close formation at the start.
(If a pilot flies past and has not fired his guns and continues to fly straight the fight cannot commence).

6. Once all pilots have fired their guns they can begin to merge, once this has happened pilots cannot request a restart.

7. So any crashes made after this point of passing the other jets are counted as a los.
Any way possible you can put your self in disadvance, will be your own responsebility.

8. If a jet is disabled he must fight till the last breath it's not allowed to bail or repair!

9. If needed a team can ask for an admin to watch the match from an neutral side. But we prefer that teams work it out there selfs.

------------------- ATTEMPT ANSWER------------------

Time for answer - 3 days.Teams have to accept or deny challenge in max 2-3 days time. If team will not respond - forfeit by default.

Issuing a Challenge:

1 - Please announce all challenges here at first as a public record.
2 - Message the pilot you are challenging on XBL to arrange a time that suits both.
3 - Pilots who win their dogfights can have an optional 2 day safe period (based on their time zone)
4 - All pilots have to accept challenges. If you fail to arrange anything after 3 genuine attempts your place will be forfeited (atleast 24 hours between attempts)
e.g " i challenge such&such attempt #1, i challenge such&such attempt #2, i challenge such&such attempt #3"...
If teams not respond after 3 genuine attempts they will be placed inactive till further notice, all teams can challenge the team above an inactive team. Once a team post they are active again they can continue with the challenges. If a team is inactive for to long they will be removed from the leaderboard.

Choosing a Server:

1 - Both pilots have to find a server where they have the same ping, unless they are happy to play in such server.
2 - If you can\'t agree on a server you may play the match in different servers... 2 points switch server 2 points switch then after this, 1 point in each server.

Spectators are welcome, although it is recommended you stay in a locked server that you can control / remove anybody that interfere, there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO interference to the dogfight, such as no spotting jets, no shooting at jets with any type of weapon and no flying / driving anywhere near the dogfight

Pro Pilots looking for Pro Wingman

• NeoHeavyShooter - NeoHeavyShooter

( When you dont get a response on XBL within 24 h, make a post and start with attempt 2 and if needed 3.
When your sick, internet is out, holidays or your girl broke up your crying and you cant play.... It`s called inactive!! ;)

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