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For all the bad stuff Dice has done with this game I think it's about time there was some appreciation for C4.

Yes, Dice may have taken over a year to add points to unranked game modes, they may have finally fixed the TV missile glitch, broken below radar... I could go on.

BUT, Dice gave us C4 so specticals like http://youtu.be/EJRHP6Pc5KE are able to exist in our lives.

Not forgetting the occasional AT mine outing...

But for the creation of the most beautiful additions to this game DICE... We salute you!

xNebulous explosives.
Bugsy55 making it rain.
SnackPack96 the keeper of B.
Xtreme___Soldier the witness of all these C4 massacres.
iHeartTrance needs to step on a lego.
JamaicaMeCRAZY party pooper.
Screwbacca: Oh wow.
U_MOEDER is the best at giving reach arounds

C4: It's Satan's aphrodisiac for a good time.

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