Team New Republic
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One of the most popular Air Maps Server on BF3. We still play BF3, stop by Teamspeak if you want to play!

Our TS3 is

Visit our discord at

Server Rules:
1. Absolutely no cheating/glitching of any kind.
2. Show respect towards other players and admins.
3. Do not shoot into or out of the main bases.
4. Do not destroy/block the spawns of friendly vehicles.
5. Do not steal teammates' vehicles.
6. Do not steal enemy vehicles from spawn.
7. If you need an admin, type @calladmin, or @admins to see a list of ingame admins.
8. Do not spam chat, and no profanity at all.
9. Ramming of any kind = Kick
10. Vehicle driver/pilot is authorized to choose the gunner(s)/passengers.
11. Please use english in chat.

All new members please register on our website!

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  • USA_Backlash wrote on the wall for Team New Republic:
    Hey ladies and gentlemen. Long time no talk. Unfortunately, I have some somber news to pass on. Our friend USA_GUNNY passed away last weekend. He suffered a severe stroke late evening on Sunday the 1st and did not regain consciousness. He remained in the hospital through the week, but the damage was too extensive. He passed on the evening of the 8th with his mother at his side. As many of you know, he is not the kind of man that would have wanted to live a lesser life. We can take solace in the fact that his mind passed quickly and he did not suffer. He was a father, a patriot and a good friend. I'm sure he has taken his post guarding the Pearly Gates. There will be a streamed remembrance of life ceremony on the 30th at 2pm CST. I will get the info for anyone that would like to tune in. I also chatted with Delta about setting something up for us to meet in game as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Especially his daughter Eva. Best Regards, Andrew aka Backlash
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    L7L-Stiggs20 Such bad news ! Sorry to hear about gunny ! Sending prayers and good vibes to his family and friends .
    12 years ago
    Satisko My heart just sank... It's been so long since I've talked to you guys and this is the first thing I read... I'll always remember Gunny raging at the enemy tanks and jet pilots on BF3 :'( may he rest in peace. Ughhh
    12 years ago
  • ItsJustDelta wrote on the wall for Team New Republic:
    For anyone who still checks this, we're having our ten year community anniversary this upcoming weekend. Battlefield 3 is going to be played on Friday, July 17th, starting 7 PM pacific time. More info can be found on our discord:
    USAElitist shut up nerd
    12 years ago
    ItsJustDelta Nice time machine bro
    12 years ago