Soldiers at War
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Platoon Presentation

----------------------------------------------------★ Welcome to Soldiers at War ★---------------------------------------------------------

USA Based Platoon

Soldiers at War is all about teamwork everything we do we do as a team.
We are a very well balanced team we play all types of different matches.
Our focus is not on the game-skills you bring, but more on accountability, teamwork, and communication.
We treat all gamers with respect and expect our members to uphold these same team-based sportsmanship ethics.
[SaW] is for anyone who plays battlefield as a team game: To co-operate, to build friendships, and just have fun destroying the other team. Apply today!

Recruitment Status:

---------------------------------------------------------------- ~Requirements~ -----------------------------------------------------------------

-16+ or older please.

-You must tryout with our team

-Must be a balanced player, we do not want just a run an gun type of person!

-PS3 Only

-A working microphone.

-We require frequent activity on the battlefield. INACTIVE MEMBERS GET REMOVED FROM THE PLATOON!

-Respect Squad Mates and Leaders.


-Must be a Premium player, we play on all maps!

-Dedication to the clan.

----------------------------------------------------------------☠ Battle Record ☠-----------------------------------------------------------------

Wins- 8
Losses- 0

03/08/2013 [SaW] vs. [ST6]=W

03/16/2013 [SaW] vs. [ST6]=W

03/23/2013 [SaW] vs. [TIG]=W

04/13/2013 [SaW] vs.[USSR]=W

06/21/2013 [SaW] vs. [ReMx]=W

06/28/2013 [SaW] vs. [pNc]=W

08/03/2013 [SaW] vs. [CCP]=W

09/1/2013 [SaW] vs. [SIR]=W

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