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♣Battlelog platoon was made recently and is planning to retain itself for the battlefield 4 we may not be the best but we are not noobs, Jet pilots, Chopper pilots, Tank crews and infantry. We are a family not just a CLAN.

•To join our platoon we need you to read this part carefully: First of all change your clan tag to [HELL] on your profile after you get approved on the clan platoon. If you received an invitation to join our platoon it will mean that you're so special to our owners and clan leaders so we'd be more than happy to welcome you aboard.
We want you during practice, playing together as a squad/team, and also to play like a squad/team guy member who's following the rules and orders and cover/revive supply/support each other is the main key to success, stay connective and communicative while the clan is in need of your services on matches and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL RESPECT the clan members and the opposition at all time and remember decency is the key of honoring the whole game.

•If you agree to these terms and conditions you may contact the owner or the leaders before getting approved to the clan so we would know how committed would you be to our clan.

•Our top and loyalest clan members:

♦Jets pilots:


♦Helicopter pilots:


♦Tank crew:


♦Infantry soldiers:


3 HELL Members > 6 V4V Members

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