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Men In Black Alumni - -
Founded for all past xMIB members, and Friends.

Men In Black 2011 // 2012* // 2013

Men In Black were a competitive Hardcore BF3 team.
Consisting of some of the most skilled and highly regarded players on BF3.
In the Prime of MIB, there was not a team in the world of Hardcore that could challenge any given 12 players from our Clan.
If any given person played BF3 for more then 100 hours between 2011-2013, the chances that person knew who Men In Black were are very high.

Men In Black
"The most stalked about, hated, and regarded teams in BF3 History."

I would personally like to thank everyone of my friends, who have come and gone. Come back, left again, or never left at all.You guys made this team into what is was, not me. -Kaasi559 // KAASiNGxAMNESIA

If you have been in MIB for even 10 seconds than you have the right to be in this clan. We do not participate in clan matches I do not know every one who has been in this clan so please apply if you have been. Who fucking cares if you don't like others who were in this clan. Just accept the damn invite. Sincerely, Squatter Eggs

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